It’s okay.

With the first week of the New Year drawing to a close I can imagine that this is the period where many people start to harshly judge and pity themselves for not holding on to that “die hard” resolution that was pronounced so avidly last week.  I am here to tell you:

It’s okay.

I have never quite established a resolution mostly because I generally have always believed that practice is only setting oneself up for failure.  “This year I will. . .”  “For the next 365 days I will. . .”

“After the final count down- three, two, one- my habitual behaviors will all change because I am determined to live a better lifestyle.”

It’s okay.

My high school band teacher once said, “Don’t think your way into a new way of acting.  Act your way into a new way of thinking.”  I belive it originated with Richard Pascale.  But the point is, it stuck.  I have been holding onto that sence of ownership of my behaviors ever since.  If I am going to set a goal for myself, I do it realistically alotting room for mess-ups, a reasonable length of time to achieve my success, and then from there, make another goal; I reach a little further the next time.  I think it’s working.

It’s okay.

Finding a little bit more room for acceptance is always appreciated.  Give that to yourself this new year.  It is and will be okay.

Can someone please tell me, "it's okay?"

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2012 Trends

If last year featured the re-emergence of “cat-eye” glasses, this year is featuring square glasses.

Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford, Versace, and Gucci are all featuring more square frame options than any other shape.  The frameless design will not be as hip this year while bulky full-frame glasses are already being flaunted by celebrities.

Here are two of my favorite picks that will meet your fashion needs this upcoming year.

For the Men I have got York St by Scojo, in Tortoise Frost.

For the Ladies I have got Bamboo by Amy Sacks, in Masa Storm.


Keep in mind that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and others notice your eyewear just as much as they notice the color of your eyes.  Keep up to date with your simple reading glasses and you will always be attracting the extra attention of your fashion admirers.

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Nerd Chic Is Still Hot

Anne Hathaway has been stunning crowds with her over-sized nerdy spectacles since Spring.  But just recently Brad Pitt attended the premier of long-time partner, Angelina Jolie’s Land of Blood and Honey, wearing some obvious eyewear, and I am just loving the nerdy look on him.

So in trying to give you some ideas on how to make this look your very own I have compiled some images of people and characters rockin’ this style, past and present.  Enjoy!

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Philadelphia Sites

Liberty Bell

During my holiday travels I was blessed enough to enjoy an afternoon in Philadelphia, and incase any readers out there have never visited this “City of Brotherly Love,” I would recommend a few spots that were my favorite.

Reading Terminal Market

Aside from the Hall of Independence and the Liberty Bell, spending at least one hour at the Reading Terminal Market is a must.  I recommend having a bite to eat (because there are so many options available), but beware: finding the ever elusive chair at the Market could be tough.  Walk the whole market and have fun!  Most, if not all of the vendors will give you a taste of their food to better aid your decision.  It is a big tourist attraction, so you will be agreeing to a loud atmosphere and many people.
Elfreth’s Alley is another lovely spot.  I would not call it exciting, but it is comforting to have this “Oldest Residential Street,” remaining as a part of our history.  It is a reminder that common people were a part of our heritage as well; even if they did not make it into history books, their simple homes remain.
As I have been told, visiting Philly also requires a cheese steak sandwich tasting.  I would recommend checking out the Food Network’s or Travel Chanel’s opinions on where to go.  As I have not part-taken in this venture, I cannot comment.  However, family and friends have touted Pat’s.  Discover for yourself!

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Holiday Trolls

Henning Trolls

Similar to the scary gargoyles of medieval architecture, troll figures are believed to ward off the negative presence and intentions of trolls in Norse mythology.  This past holiday, my husband was gifted a beautiful pair of Henning Engelsen trolls.  The ornate carving and simplicity of the wood made this particular gift the most favored of the holiday.

Now all Henning figures are hand carved and hand painted.  The delicacy of some of the designs reminds me how spectacular human creativity can be.  With much of our daily encountered objects being mass-produced by machines, it is sad to admit that such a realization can be shared by many, if they, like I, have forgotten just how amazing hand crafted items can be.  The ability to see all the details, of such a small-scale, in these little figures is phenomenal, let alone the artistic expertise to create them.

So in the spirit of the holiday, I am feeling supreme gratitude for my ability to appreciate and respect the artistic human skills of hand-made items.

Russian Stacking Dolls

Fabergé Egg

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Merry Holidays

From Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa to Yule I wish everyone a very Merry Holiday season! 

Love eachother!

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Computer Vision Syndrom Is Real

On my flight out here to my mother-in-law’s home for the holidays, I found this ad in the SKYMALL magazine.  Mostly it made me laugh.  From the green glow on his glasses to the man’s entire presentation- purple shirt, hair cut, and grimace on his face- it is enjoyably comical.  But it did make me question as to whether this product, “computer glasses,” is beneficial and if an optometrists actually upholds the value of them.
Both Dr. Gary Heiting and Dr. James E. Sheedy of All About Vision declare that the benefit is worth it, but not at an over-the-counter quality.  You should meet with your optometrist to discuss the need and find the perfect pair for you.  Computer screen distance and lack of contrast might create a strain, but not necessarily.  I say, “to each his own.”

Also, with computer vision syndrome on my mind, and an e-reader on my gift-list, I wanted to discover whether or not there are any health concerns to be aware of.  There are not.  With an electronic screen, either lit or not, you will not be putting any more strain on your eyes while enjoying some great literature.  The preference between a lit screen (think iPad) or non-lit screen, more similar to paper (think Kindle or Nook) is your choice.

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