Polarized or Not?

“What is polarized?”

“Think of it like this, a regular pair of sunglasses just dim the lights.  A polarized pair is like wearing Venetian blinds, blocking out glare light.”

Why is blocking out glare light such a benefit?  It heightens your visual clarity- everything will be more clear.  It’s the difference between a smudged windshield and a pristine, crystal-clear windshield.  It also eliminates some excess work that your eyes have to perform to see through glare light.

So after learning about the benfits of owning polarized sunglasses, perhaps after testing the clarity of polarized verses non-polarized lenses while boating~ there is a lot of glare light reflected of the surface of water~ you will potentially, from here on out, want to wear strictly polarized sunglasses.  You will advertise the benefits, you will chastise your friends for not wearing polarized sunglasses, you will actually take your own sunglasses off, hand them to your friend, and tell your friend to see the difference.  Polarized is awesome!

So why would anyone, after knowing the advantages, choose not to wear polarized lenses?  When and how could the reduction of glare light be unhealthy, or dangerous?  I can name two instances.  A piolot does not need polarized lenses because the windshield of a plane is usually already polarized and the clarity of their instruments would be dangerously reduced.  Also a winter sports enthusiast might not want to reduce glare light because the abililty to identify ice patches could be fatal.  But this later option is just that- a choice every skiier/snowboarder can make for themself.  There are both polarized and nonpolarized snow goggles available on the market.

So, if you have never seen the difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses, I suggest you try some on and see the difference.  You will be able to make a well-educated choice.  As I have stated before, I do wear polarized.  My Maui Jims are still my favorite.

About readinstyle

I am a visual fashionista with a special focus on reading glasses. The power of saucy eyewear shouldn't be underestimated. I work for www.readinstyle.com, which connects any reading glasses fanatic to a wonderful world of eyewear.
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