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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you and your loved ones a very Beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving! My “top 5” Gratitude list: * My health (including the relatively good health of all my loved ones) * The love of a good man * The … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Cooking Tales

Per my family traditions, Wednesday night cooking is nearly the holiday itself.  For me it sure is!  Ever since I was old enough to stay up and help with the kitchen duties I have found that Wednesday is my favorite … Continue reading

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A Reader For Every Room

The past few years we have spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s father and his wife.  It is always delightful and each time I visit that home I learn more and more about the meaning of family.  It is a blessing. … Continue reading

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Airport Newsstands

I don’t know what it is.  For some reason it’s better than a quaint used book store, better than a library, even though those books are free, and it’s way better than your local Barnes & Noble.  An airport newsstand … Continue reading

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Clic readers

Clic eyewear exploded onto the market relatively recently and has since been blowing up.  Because of such convenience and comfort consumers easily fall in love with these innovative glasses.  The magnetic nose piece and extended temple means you will never miss-place … Continue reading

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Eco Choices

In this video Severn Cullis-Suzuki provides some statistics that we only wish we could claim today.  I bring to your attention that in the passing of two decades current statistics have worsened. Human Population: 5 Billion in 1992, today nearly … Continue reading

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Lens Materials

Generally speaking there are three types of lens materials used to make eyewear. What you should be aware of are glass, plastic, and polycarbonate lenses. In the United States, glass lenses are not as common as they once were.  By … Continue reading

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