Horatio’s Best Frame: Sun Readers inspired by CSI: Miami

Horatio from CSI:Miami

Probably my favorite part about CSI:Miami is when Horatio, played by David Caruso, nabs the bad guy, says something poignant, and then puts on his sunglasses and walks off into the sunset right before the credits roll at the end of another great episode.  But it got me thinking; what sun readers would Horatio likely be spotted in when reading a case file while lounging poolside?

Although I know full and well that Maui is worlds away from Miami, I feel like the style of Ho’okipa by Maui Jim might be the first pick for a character such as Horatio.  The sleek lines of the frames and polarized lenses make for a perfect poolside pick.

Ho'okipa by Maui Jim in Black

But how perfect would these be?  Cinzia’s Pocket Eyes are lightweight and fold up super-tiny to fit into a case that is about the size of a business card holder.  Just imagine, a rogue bullet bounces off the little glasses case and although Horatio is knocked back by the impact, he reaches into his breast pocket, pulls out his Pocket Eyes and puts them on.  How seriously B.A. would that be?

Pocket Eyes by Cinzia in Black

Racy, raw, lightweight and super comfortable.  That’s what the top detective in Miami needs.  And Gels Sun Readers by Scojo are exactly that.  Not to mention they have that classic Horatio look to them – narrow temples and rounded lenses.

Gels Sun Readers by Scojo


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