Why I Love: Maui Jim’s Ho’okipa Reading Sunglasses

Reading by the beach is one of my favorite things to do.  I get to combine by two greatest conflicting personality traits; bookworm and beachbum.  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered I didn’t have to layer my reading glasses on over my sunglasses to be able to read without straining my eyes.  Did you know there is a multitude of reading sunglasses available out there?  Well, now you do.

Ho'okipa by Maui Jim in Smoke

My favorite pair of reading sunglasses right now are Ho’okipa by Maui Jim.  The glasses come in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 and three different colors.  The lenses are polarized, which makes it even that much clearer when reading.  Not to mention the way that the polarized lenses keeps the sunlight that is reflecting off the water from wearing out my eyes.

But the real reason why I like them most?  Because they are named after my favorite beach in the world, Ho’okipa, which is located on the north shore of the island of Maui.

Ho'okipa Beach, Maui

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